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Benefits of NIR (near Infrared) Sauna Therapy

The technicians at the CCPROMUA facility take pride in safer and more effective ways to improve our health and enhance the natural aging process so that we can live our best lives. The Solosauna Infrared Therapy (SIT) sessions are a powerful addition to almost any routine. This service uses near infrared (NIR) technology and combines it with it the power of amethyst, jade, and tourmaline which has been used in Eastern healing practices for centuries. Here are the benefits these natural gemstones and our SIT sessions can do for you.

Amethyst, Jade, and Tourmaline: Amethyst helps to relieve headaches, stress, and detoxify the body. Jade improves mental focus and clarity and the health of bones and joints. Tourmaline helps to fight infection and boost the immune system, strengthen the nervous system, relieve migraines, enhance stamina, calm skin disorders, and help with weight loss.

Anti-aging & Cellulite Reduction: Far infrared saunas stimulate collagen and elastin production for healthier and more youthful skin. It burns calories and boosts metabolism. It also increases toxin removal by about 15% compared to traditional saunas and speeds up cellulite removal processes when used alongside Cavitation Body Contouring, HIFU Skin Tightening, or EMS Muscle Toning services.

Blood Circulation/ Lower Blood Pressure: Infrared saunas warm up the body internally and activates the body’s natural cooling system and induces mild sweating which safely increases the heart rate allowing for increased blood circulation, boosting metabolic function, and thereby lowering blood pressure.

Detox/ Immune Support: Our body’s immune system is continually under attack. With exposure to pesticides, environmental pollutants, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), and improper nutrition, our immune system can be weakened. Infrared sauna sessions can help to release heavy metals stored in fat cells along with other toxins from our bodies while boosting our natural immune support system.

Muscle Recovery, Joint/ Pain Relief, and Wound Repair: The use of infrared saunas has been scientifically proven as a safe and effective pain relief for those suffering from chronic pain such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Some have reported up to 70% reduction in pain after consistent weekly or bi-weekly use of far infrared saunas. The far infrared waves provide 1.5”-2” depth penetration. which helps to provide deep pain relief and quicker muscle recovery, wound repair, and a significant reduction in the appearance of surface scars.

Weight Loss: Far Infrared Sauna raises your internal core temperature, boosts the cardiovascular & immune systems, and mobilizes the lymphatic system which creates fat-based sweat. This provides similar cardiovascular effects to that of running while eliminating toxins in a safe and effective way that is much more comfortable than traditional saunas.

What better way to achieve these benefits and more than to book your Solosauna Infrared Therapy Session? You’ll be able to just lay back relax, detox, and get back to a better, healthier you.


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