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The Unapologetically Real Me

I want to take a moment to introduce myself, what I do, and how I got here. My name is Cheryl Collier, and I am a wife, mother of 2 beautiful daughters, and the owner of CCPROMUA, LLC and I've been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, and this is my story.

As an adoptee, I struggled to find acceptance from the world around me. No matter what sport, activity, or extra-curricular I tried, I was consistently treated as the odd one out. I was a creative kid and as I got older, Cosmetology seemed like a good fit. I started in a high school vocational program and almost immediately upon completion I realized that a focus in the hair industry alone was not the right path for me. I wanted so much more.

I was introduced to Horst Rechelbacher (founder of Aveda) in 1993 and was guided through beauty business culture, ideas, and strategies that eventually led me to the world of makeup. He taught me the importance of business integrity and product knowledge, what it means to understand the client's needs and how to provide those needs without sacrificing the world around us, to look outside of the box, and to not be afraid to take the next step no matter where it led. His mentorship helped to shape the beauty professional I am today.

I eventually got into doing hair and makeup for TV, print, film, runway and special occasion photo shoots. Since those jobs were not consistent, I subsidized that income with 2-3 other forms of employment simultaneously. The struggle toward independent success and the rollercoaster ride of ups and down on my journey forced me to learn quickly and to bounce back even quicker from my mistakes.

In 2016 I began taking online classes toward a new avenue in beauty. Even though permanent makeup technically started in the late 70's, Microblading hadn't really caught on in the U.S.A. until about 2010. This was right up my alley and my obsession with eyebrows was followed up with multiple hands-on training courses and more online education that encompassed all forms of PMU (permanent makeup). Soon I was educating others across the country. In 2019 I decided to stick a little closer to home. Then in June of 2020 my facility found a new home and then expansion of that began in Oct of 2022.

Today I offer top of the line services in beauty & wellness as well as some of the most detailed and personalized private and semi-private educational courses for those wanting to add to their skill set or to change their career path altogether. I'm brutally honest with both my clients and students. I'm not for everyone. I've fired clients and students alike. I don't sugarcoat situations and I'm extremely detail oriented with exceptionally high standards (something I expect from anyone in this industry).

I don't advertise my services. Everything is by appointment only. I still travel for work in addition to working from my home base in Dayton, OH. My rates are not the cheapest. My skill level and education courses are a product of years of dedication and continuing ed. (which never stops) and my rates reflect that. If you want basic... that's not me. If you want the minimum quality... that's not me. If you want less than my very best... that's not me.

Several independent artists/technicians have found a home here at the CCPROMUA facility and their standards are just as high. We pride ourselves on that and we are always accepting resumés of high caliber professionals who would like to join us. Beautiful Things happen here at CCPROMUA, LLC! Whether it be in educational programs or services, you deserve the best and that's what we offer!

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